Share some quality time together on Mother’s Day with this cute crafty DIY idea!



Green and red acrylic (non-toxic) paints

1 cute kiddie foot

1 paintbrush

Scissors + glue

White paper + brown cardboard

Ribbon of your choice


With a layer of red acrylic paint on your little one’s foot, get them to take a few cute little steps on their tippy toes on white paper. This will create the blossom of your flower!

Wash foot instantly 😊 and steer clear of carpet!

On a separate piece of paper, create your flower stalks with the green paint and brush.

Once they have dried, cut out your stalks, align and stick them directly below the footprints to give the effect of blossoming tulips.

From your brown cardboard, cut-out a pot shape for the stalks to sit in.

Apply your decorative ribbon to the pot.

Take a photo of it and share it with us #CalciyumFun.


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