This crafty idea won’t just keep the kids entertained, it will also help clean up the backyard from all those fallen leaves!

Are your little ones up for the challenge?



  • As many little handfuls of fallen leaves (the browner the better)
  • 2 craft doll eyes
  • 1 cotton wool ball
  • 1 brown marker pen
  • 1 colourful plastic plate (yellow or orange work best)
  • Double-sided sticky tap

    1.  Arrange your leaves in a rough circle, pointing outwards.
    2.  If the leaves are not brown enough, feel free to spray them with gold paint as we did, otherwise your lion might look a little green!
    3.  On the underside of your plastic plate, run double-sided sticky tape around the edge of the plate.
    4.  Place the plate on top of the leaves, ensuring all your leaves come into contact and stick to the plate!
    5.  Using the marker pen, get the kids to mark out the eyes and nose of the lion.
    6.  Now stick your cotton wool nose and doll eyes on with the double-sided tape.
    7.  Now you have your leafy lion, all you need to do is get the kids to name it and hang it up!


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